US – White House backs Russia probe against Trump

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Donald Trump might call them ridiculous…But the White House is taking intelligence reports that Russia interfered in the US Presidential election very seriously. SOT Josh Earnest, White House Spokesman: “We certainly have long supported the principle of congressional review of this matter. There has been intensive cooperation between the intelligence community and other national security agencies, and members of Congress in both parties, both before and after the election”. As Earnest pointed out, its not just the Obama administration that’s keen to get to the bottom of the CIA claims that surfaced a few days ago. Both Republican and Democratic Senators say there are serious indications that Russian hackers released Democratic Party documents in a bid to boost Donald Trump’s election chances.On Monday, Republican John McCain said an investigation into the cyberattack reports should stretch across the armed services, intelligence and foreign relations committees in Congress. While Senate Majority Mitch McConnell underlined his view that Russia’s not America’s friendSOT SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL, “Obviously any foreign breach of our cyber security measures is disturbing and I strongly condemn any such efforts // It defies belief that someone Republicans in the Senate are somehow reluctant to either review Russian tactics or ignore them. As he met with leading Republicans at Trump Tower in New York this Monday, the President Elect once again rejected the hacking claims, with his transition team saying they’re an attempt to delegitimize Trump’s win. The Kremlin has already dismissed the CIA’s findings as quote ‘absolutely unfounded, unprofessional and amateur’

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