UK to suffer worst economic downturn of any developed nation warns leading forecaster- BBC News

The OECD, the economic forecaster that brings together some of the world’s richest nations, is predicting that the British economy could shrink by more than 11% this year – or even more, if there’s a second wave of coronavirus infections. It says Britain is likely to experience the worst economic downturn of any developed country in the world.

Meanwhile health experts in England are warning that the number of people on NHS waiting lists could double to 10 million by the end of January. The NHS Confederation – which represents all NHS trusts, is concerned about challenges ahead as hospitals try to restart treatments that have been put on hold.

Scientists are still not sure how many people get coronavirus from those who are infected but have no symptoms. The World Health Organisation has admitted it’s a big unknown – some think it’s rare for the virus to spread that way – others fear those so-called asymptomatic cases are responsible for close to half of all infections.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reports from Economics Editor Faisal Islam, Health Correspondent Catherine Burns and Science Editor David Shukman.

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