This Woman Turns Plantains Into Burgers, Brownies—and Ice Cream

We spoke to Rachel Laryea, who launched the cultural lifestyle brand Kelewele that’s pushing the boundaries with plantain.

Kelewele aims to showcase the diversity of the African diaspora through food and bring people together through their shared love for plantains.

“Whether you’re West African like myself you’re Caribbean, Latin, American, you’ve probably had some kind of interaction with plantain because they’re a global food in a way, and they’re so global within communities of color across the world, she told QuickTake.

“You see so many people doing cool stuff with vegan food and so that inspires me all the time to figure out what are some of the other things I can do with plantain,” she added.

One of Laryea’s most popular items is plantain ice cream made from plantain milk that she makes herself. “It comes in different flavors and people are just astounded that you can make ice cream out of plantain let alone plantain milk,” she said.

“While there are so many different plantain dishes like Kelewele, Kakro or Tatale, which people use plantains for, It’s still usually the plantain which is mashed or fried, or baked. You don’t really see people taking that next step to do something else with it,” Laryea added.

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