The Senate is slipping from Republicans

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  • While Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden is the big-ticket race in November, the fight for Senate majority is also crucially important. Chris Cillizza explains why the Trump White House is becoming increasingly nervous about losing the majority in the Senate in 2020, and the impact that loss could have.

    1 in every 4 circuit court judges is now a Trump appointee

    White House Worries About Kelly Loeffler’s Senate Prospects in Georgia

    Trump advisers warn McSally is in trouble

    Appointed Senators (1913-Present)

    Loeffler to sell individual stocks amid criticism over lawmaker trades

    Would Republicans be better off if Kelly Loeffler stepped aside?

    Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper launches campaign for Senate

    The effort to unseat Susan Collins in 2020 is already underway

    White House Worries About Kelly Loeffler’s Senate Prospects in Georgia

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