The Muslin Brothers: designers blur gender lines through fashion

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In Israel, the city of Tel-Aviv is home to a fashion label called the ‘Muslin brothers’. Launched by Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi, the line is designed to blur gender identities – there is no womenswear or menswear. We meet Tamar Levit, fashion designer and co-creator of the brand, to tell us more about this controversial product and the political message behind it.
But first, it’s back to school for the children of Mosul, a city recently liberated from the Islamic State Group. Overcrowding is one of many problems for those eager to catch up on the lost years.
And we take a look at dead sea products, as they have taken the market by storm. They are rich with unique minerals, salts, and black mud. Unfortunately, not without damaging the environment or natural resources.

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