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In 2013, Sister Angelique Namaika was awarded the Nansen refugee prize by the UNHCR. It was in recognition of her extensive work with more than 2,000 women in DRC. Many of these women are survivors of rape and abuse by fighters of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The prize came with an award $100,00, allowing her to expand her Centre for Reintegration and Development in Dungu.

”Even though I can’t end poverty, everyone does what they can. Even if you save one life, it’s still a life”, says Sister Angelique.

First, she opened a bakery that now provides employment to 50 women who earn an income baking and selling bread.

In 2015 she started a primary school, for children of whose families couldn’t afford education fees. The centre has now expanded to include a kindergarten and a secondary school with over 1,500 children enrolled in total.

The Centre for Reintegration and Development also includes a pediatric clinic where more than 14,000 patients have received treatment since it opened in October 2014. The centre houses an orphanage that currently cares for 57 children.

”The world is made of ups and downs. Somewhere as someone cries, someone else dances. It’s life in this world”, she says.

To date, she has helped to transform the lives of more than 22,500 people.

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