Signs of the times? | Birmingham branded ‘Woke-ville’ as its streets get PC names

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  • RT published this video item, entitled “Signs of the times? | Birmingham branded ‘Woke-ville’ as its streets get PC names” – below is their description.

    ‘Woke-ville’ – this is how the British city of Birmingham’s been branded, for the way it’s named six new streets, including ‘Diversity Grove,’ ‘Equality Road’ and ‘Humanity Close.’

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    1 thought on “Signs of the times? | Birmingham branded ‘Woke-ville’ as its streets get PC names”

    1. Unfortunately Birmingham City Council has a lot of form regarding the issue of trying to look politically correct. For over thirty years the people of the City have had to endure the councillors’ attempts to make Birmingham look modern but instead turn it into a laughing stock. They banned Christmas one year suggesting it was not inclusive enough and might offend other cultures – really? Yet they promoted Vaisakhi, Ramadan etc. I have also seen the dumbing down of the City’s history as depicted in its museums and art galleries, the dumbing down of science. I arranged a large exhibition for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 – it was staged in Stoke-on-Trent a city north of Birmingham. A Birmingham museum didn’t want the exhibit as it quote: “Did not comply with the aims of the museum for diversification, celebrating white men on the Moon does not reflect our cultural aims. Perhaps if you included the mythological aspects of the Moon from the various cultures we might be interested” Unquote. There does seem to be an attempt to eradicate the real history of the City and replace it. George Orwell sated that to destroy a culture you must first eradicate its history. The new new street names will form part of the new estate already dubbed ‘The Woke Estate’ by locals. This estate was originally to be the Commonwealth Village for athletes at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, but it is not going to be completed in time – perhaps this was always the plan to have a woke estate to show the world – much to the embarrassment of the local population who do not need to be patronised.


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