Sean Rigg’s sister calls for a ban on police use of prone restraint and choke hold

The sister of Sean Rigg has called for police to be banned from using prone restraint and choke hold “because restraints like that kill”.  

Mr Rigg, who suffered from schizophrenia, died at Brixton Police station in 2008 after being held down for seven minutes in the “prone position”.  

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death – footage of which made her “mad as hell” – Marcia Rigg said now is an “appropriate” time to push for a change of the law.  

“Absolutely nothing has changed because so many people have died since Sean’s death,” she said.  

“Officers… can restrain somebody for up to a period of seven minutes and that is deemed to be not excessive by the Metropolitan Police. How can that be?”   

A 2013 inquest found the restraint contributed to Sean Rigg’s death.  

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