Protesters Smash Head Off Confederate Monument in Portsmouth, Virginia

Protesters attacked a Confederate monument with sledgehammers during a protest in Portsmouth, Virginia, on June 10.

Demonstrators participating in the “remove the stain” rally dismantled a statue believed to stand at a site where where slaves were once punished on a whipping post, local media reported.

“To champion a cause that would keep a statue up in the center of a city that has unique evidence of bigotry, hatred & racism in its fabric, only serves to propagate the spirit of the Confederacy and adds to the dark cloud that holds our city hostage,” a Facebook event page for the rally stated.

“The principality and strongholds in this city are directly tied to this history. We CANNOT move forward when this reminder moreover this stain of oppression, slavery & hate is at our center.”

A flag tied to the monument was lit on fire, and the flames burned briefly at the base of one of the statues, local media reported. One statue was pulled down, injuring a protester as it fell.

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