Protesters in Kenya call for swift inquiry into election official’s murder

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In tonight’s edition, protesters in Kenya call for swift inquiry into election official murder, tens of thousands of Ethiopian illegal workers are forced out of Saudi Arabia and African video game designers export their skills to Asia.
With a little over a week to go before their general election, Kenyans are questioning the credibility of the management of the voting process. There are marches calling for fair polls in the wake of the murder and torture of the man who’d been in charge of the new electronic voting system.
Although Thousands of undocumented Ethiopians working in Saudi Arabia have rushed home for the end of an extended amnesty authorities in Addis Ababa say many still haven’t come back. Those who’ve stayed behind could now be depurated or even face prison time.
In Singapore, we meet some of the design team at French gaming giant Ubisoft, who were tempted over from Ivory Coast and Morocco by the promise of working in the big leagues of the video games industry.

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