Patrick Hutchinson’s Daughter Celebrates as He’s Interviewed About Rescue of Counter-Protester

The 10-year-old daughter of Patrick Hutchinson, the man who rescued an injured protester at a demonstration in London, was filmed jumping and screaming with her friends when her dad appeared on the Channel 4 News on June 14.

Footage recorded by Irene Danso, who runs the Twitter account AKA Kiddz, shows Sidena Hutchinson celebrating with her friends as her dad shows up on screen.

The proud daughter jumps up and down and shouts with her friends Kai’Yonna, who is Danso’s own daughter, and Chela, as they see Hutchinson’s face on the television.

According to Sky News, Hutchinson attended the June 13 demonstration to help protect people from violence, but intervened when he saw the injured white man.

“His life was under threat so I just went and scooped him up, put him over my shoulder, and started marching toward the police with him,” he said during his interview with Channel 4 News.

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