Outnumbered outlets: Turkey’s post-coup media crackdown – The Listening Post (Full)

-On The Listening Post this week: The story of Turkey’s media crackdown, told through the numbers. Plus, the state of the media in Serbia.

Turkey’s media: After the attempted coup, the closures

Since the attempted coup in Turkey in July, not a week has gone by without news of a journalist’s arrest, a revoked press card or the closure of a media outlet. We look at the scale of the crackdown – how many news outlets have been closed and how many are left?

Talking us through the story are: Ahmet Sik, journalist, Cumhuriyet; Beritan Canozer, journalist, JINHA News Agency; Mehmet Akarca, general manager, Press Regulator; Ceren Sozeri, media scholar; and Yildiray Ogur, journalist, Turkiye newspaper.

On our radar:

Police in the Canadian province of Quebec are facing questions about why they have been spying on journalists.
Leaked Clinton campaign emails push CNN to part company with Democratic Party operative, Donna Brazile.
Venezuela denies access to yet another foreign journalist amid the country’s ongoing political and economic turmoil.
A curious media ‘exhibition’ in Serbia

The Serbian government is pushing back against accusations of censorship by sponsoring a travelling exhibition of critical media content called “Uncensored Lies”. We went to take a look. All was not as it seemed.

Talking us through the story are: Maja Kocijancic, spokeswoman, EU Foreign Affairs; Vukasin Obradovic, president, Association of Independent Journalists; Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbian vice president and interior minister; and Aleksandar Dordevic, investigative journalist, BIRN project.

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