Non-Proliferation: Dr James Martin Giving Commonwealth Lecture Online 28th April 2010

Dr James Martin

For the first time in its history, the annual Commonwealth lecture is to be streamed online. The broadcast, entitled The Meaning of the 21st Century, will be given by Dr James Martin at the The Royal Institution of Great Britain and will be available to watch online here:

The lecture will take place at 6.30pm BST on Wednesday 28th April and will feature the technology, defence and non-proliferation expert talking about the future of the 21st century.

Dr Martin wrote The Wired Society in 1977, which received a Pulitzer Prize and accurately predicted an attack by Arab terrorists in New York at the turn of the century. He has also founded the James Martin 21st Century School at the University of Oxford and is senior fellow at the James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies in the Monterey Institute. His next book regards the issue of nuclear non-proliferation.

The Commonwealth Lecture is organised by the Commonwealth Foundation in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Royal Over-Seas League.

10 thoughts on “Non-Proliferation: Dr James Martin Giving Commonwealth Lecture Online 28th April 2010”

  1. Dr Martin: new types of nuclear power station: pebble bed reactor (rolls royce have used it, China has taken the patents without permission), Indian thorium reactor (could be cheaper than uranium, less radioactive, can’t make bombs with it)

  2. chernobyl was a weird anomaly which should never happen again. mass produced nuclear power would be much safer. at chernobyl a man turned off all of the safety controls and ran his own experiments.


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