Myanmar protests: Demonstrators burn tires, Chinese flag as military continues crackdowns

Global News published this video item, entitled “Myanmar protests: Demonstrators burn tires, Chinese flag as military continues crackdowns” – below is their description.

Protesters in Myanmar on Sunday and Monday continued to defy the military junta, holding further protests, burning tires laid out as a line of defence and setting fire to a Chinese flag, even as crackdowns continue through internet curbs and other suppression tactics.

Six people were killed over the weekend, according to activists, as police and soldiers used force to break up demonstrations that some called a “spring revolution.”

Protesters’ burning of a Chinese flag was in opposition to China’s stance at a U.N. Security Council session held last week. The global peace body has issued two statements so far expressing concern and condemning violence against protesters, but dropped language condemning the army takeover as a coup and threatening further action due to opposition by China, Russia, India and Vietnam.

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