Myanmar, Central African Republic, Sudan & other topics – Daily Briefing (5 March 2021)

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  • United Nations published this video item, entitled “Myanmar, Central African Republic, Sudan & other topics – Daily Briefing (5 March 2021)” – below is their description.

    Noon briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.


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    The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, spoke virtually at this morning’s Security Council’s closed session on Myanmar.

    She told Council members that their unity is needed more than ever on Myanmar.

    The Envoy said that the people of Myanmar, including committed civil servants, are the real heroes and protectors of the nation’s democratic progress.

    But, she warned, the hope they have placed in the United Nations and its membership is waning.

    The Envoy stressed that we must be robust and timely in pushing for a stop to the violence and the restoration of Myanmar’s democratic institutions. We must denounce the actions by the military, which continue to severely undermine the principles of the United Nations and ignores our clear signals to uphold those principles.

    The UN Envoy noted that, since her briefing to the General Assembly a week ago, the military brutally unleashed its worst crackdown yet since the February 1st coup, killing a total of around 50 innocent and peaceful protestors while seriously injuring scores more.

    “It is critical that this Council is resolute and coherent in putting the security forces on notice and standing with the people of Myanmar firmly, in support of the clear November election results,” she added.

    There is an urgency for collective action. How much more can we allow the Myanmar military to get away with, Ms. Schraner Burgener told Council Members.

    We must be clear: previous and current crimes will not go unpunished. Perpetrators of the past, and ongoing, serious violations of human rights will be held accountable through international mechanisms, she said.


    Yesterday in the Central African Republic, the UN Mission met with the commanders of several armed groups affiliated with the CPC, the Coalition des Patriotes pour le Changement. The meeting took place in Nana Bakassa, in the Ouham Prefecture.

    The Mission urged them to vacate a school and the Catholic Church buildings they have been occupying since December. This is in the context of recent elections-related violence. The UN Mission also sensitized the combatants on International Humanitarian Law and human rights actions.

    Meanwhile, in Barama Village, in Mbomou Prefecture, the UN Mission and the sub-Prefect launched a cash-for-work initiative, beginning with the selection of project recipients as part for the Community Violence Reduction programme.

    The Mission also continued their multifaced support of the preparations for the legislative elections of March 14th, including with the deployment of electoral materials to the regions, the training of polling agents [and] the provision of security.


    Atul Khare, the Under-Secretary-General for Operational Support, is still in Sudan.

    In Darfur, he met with the local leaders of Central and North Darfur as well as other community leaders. He is seeking their support for a safe and orderly withdrawal of the UN Joint Peacekeeping mission there. Mr. Khare also discussed their priorities and plans for the civilian use of team sites as well as assets handed over by the Mission to the local government.

    During his visit, Mr. Khare symbolically decommissioned the UNAMID Zalingei Headquarters. He also paid tribute to the fallen UN and AU peacekeepers. It was agreed that there would be a gradual takeover of the Mission’s assets by Zalingei University.

    Mr. Khare also went to Sortony and El Fasher where, among other activities, he handed over a micro-dose mammogram machine to UNFPA.

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