Michael Smerconish: Beware the ‘Blue Shift’

We could be headed for a major dispute over the 2020 presidential race outcome even without foreign interference or fraud, because of delays in vote counting. #CNN #News

1 thought on “Michael Smerconish: Beware the ‘Blue Shift’”

  1. Just curious, Do you, or your guest believe that the states are able to guarantee that less than (arbitrary figure) 1% of the ballots sent out will arrive at the correct address of a current state resident and that only a single ballot will be sent out to residents who have relocated within the state, and that no ballots will be delivered to addresses bearing the names of dead people? Are there provisions to assure that mail carriers will faithfully deliver all the ballots and not be coerced, in any way, to divert them to individuals, or groups who intend to commit fraud with them?


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