Many Dead Following Bomb Blasts in Kano, Nigeria

The city of Kano, in Northern Nigeria, has been shaken by bomb blasts which have killed many people.

Kano has a population of around nine million people, all of whom are now under a 24 hour curfew, as the police look to restore order to the city following several bomb attacks which took place on Friday 20th January 2012.

Police have described the bombings as co-ordinated, and a radical group, known as “Boko Haram” has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

At least four of the attacks targeted police stations, and are known to have killed at least one police officer. The head of the State Security Service, as well as the passport and immigration offices were also targeted.

In a statement, the police told that seven casualties have already been confirmed, though this figure is expected to rise as the true extent of the blasts comes to light. One reporter for the BBC told he had seen over 150 bodies in one mortuary.

According to the police, the curfew in Kano will be in place until further notice.

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