Live: What’s the incubation journey of #wild crested ibises babies? 带您探寻野生朱鹮宝宝的孵化过程

As spring comes, a pair of wild crested ibises, named Honghong and Huohuo in Yangxian County, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province relaunch their natural breeding journey of building a love nest and giving birth to new babies in the wild.

Crested ibis has fallen to the brink of extinction due to a range of factors including habitat loss and winter starvation. If the 17-year-old female crested ibis gives birth to new lives successfully, a new breeding age record will be set for crested ibises in the wild. Join CGTN to witness the long incubation journey of crested ibis babies. Shaanxi Broadcasting and Television Station contributes to this live stream. #natural

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