Live: How do apricots help alleviate poverty in Xinjiang? 新疆轮台小白杏助力当地果农脱贫

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China’s Luntai County, northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has 2,500 years history of growing little white apricots, known as “white honey.” The yellow-skinned fruit has a reputation for being juicy and very sweet and is regarded as local farmers’ cash cow. At the end of May, the local white apricot ushers in a harvest.

In order to get rid of poverty and increase the income of apricot farmers, local experts in an apricot association carry out special training for the farmers on field management, picking, sales, marketing, as well as set up a “fresh apricot picking team.” They contact relevant departments and enterprises to build an information and logistics platform, providing full range of services. How are local people in Xinjiang getting rid of poverty with the help of this special fruit? Join CGTN for the joyful picking and sale in Luntai County. #ZeroPoverty2020

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