Kerri-Anne Kennerly pushes for class action over NDIS coverage | 7NEWS

7NEWS Australia published this video item, entitled “Kerri-Anne Kennerly pushes for class action over NDIS coverage | 7NEWS” – below is their description.

Television veteran Kerri-Anne Kennerley is calling on senior Australians to sue the federal government. Her late husband John was not covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme when he became a quadriplegic, and now she is pushing for a class action.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Kerri-Anne Kennerly pushes for class action over NDIS coverage | 7NEWS”

    1. I’m 68 and contracted polio in 1954 at age 1 and have worn a caliper all my life and looked after myself, buying my own equipment etc. Upon retirement and with the cloud of post polio syndrome hanging just up there, I made an application to the NDIS and was knocked out to learn that at 66 I did not comply with the age restriction. Missed out by that much, just like when the polio vaccine became available in 1955. I have never asked any government for help with equipment but there are now great advances in orthotics and I’m still wearing an outdated variant of the caliper I had as a child, and it’s only going to get worse with age. The longer I can get around, the longer I can look after myself and not rely on others to supply more expensive services.
      Kerry, I’ll join your class action for myself and the many, many more who sit just on the other side of that 65yo fence.

    2. I applied for home care recently (I am 78). My husband and I are fortunate that we have been able to cope well together at home so far. However, there are some tasks which are becoming difficult.

      A very nice lady arrived and interviewed me for about an hour. She subsequently emailed me a detailed account of our discussion. She seemed assured that I would have help with no problem.

      My follow up:

      I was given a list of five companies to approach with a view to obtaining a cleaner. I was told this could take some time, as there are not enough available cleaners. I am to keep calling every company once a week until they are able to help me.

      I have a rail for the bath which I have not been able to install. I was told I must consult with an Occupational Therapist (requiring a visit to the doctor) and could not use the rail I have purchased, although I bought it from a reputable company.

      Therefore I have great concern for others who are not in my fortunate position, particularly those (like many of my friends) who cannot cope with long and involved phone calls and even simple paperwork.

      Well done Kerri-Ann

    3. Kerrie Anne. I hear what your saying. I never had Cancer , though I fell from 3 level an Apartment building. I was fortunate I had an elderly mother that helped as Mum battled Kidney failure. On Dyalys for 4 years I think now more maybe. At 85 she gets transport help now to hospital. I have been struggling to understand how NDIS helps with inability to earn a $ or buy medical feed an bills rent and ECT..
      I do hope help comes threw how they intended the scheme. It just needs some true guiding of real people on disability income then help. Most cannot afford to live just exist.

    4. Is australia turning into a nazi party by PM . with its Nazi Party way and its stand overs people by hitting them. selling us out to the Chinese Communist Party im not mad kerri its how i feel i like to talk to you by phone if its ok i like to get a webpage for all people can have there say this government not nice to people there trying to gag people from have there
      say and i found out its now n.s.w and no one as any say now . The government are turning of reply in youtube so no one can contacted them thay are gagging the media . I will show you im have here for 3 years .
      Passed by Central Coast Council for n.s.w road, WHO WAS NOT GOING TO IMPACT ON LISAROW CEMETERY???
      The two have taken out road with the help of WYOMING ANGLICAN CHURCH AND THE DIOCESE OF NEWCASTLE
      By placing a footpath were a road run from dora st pass the church to lisarow st for cemetery to use . Now there a
      footpath at lisarow st end building it up high so gate cannot be closed and two bollareds,leaving it open for trail bikers to ride
      in and smash grave stones and i see one them on my mother grave its smash to
      Advice from heritage department don’t have any control at all now over N.S.W TO STOP THIS
      my wife have cancer and i have lung disease and cannot walk up the hill i have a disabled driver and can not drive to my
      mother grave.?? I like to chat to you my name

    5. You go girl.
      So proud of you Kerrie Ann
      Exposing this to all. It’s so wrong on all levels.
      Apart from the worst discrimination it’s also telling us we are worthless over 65 so let’s just dump us all in aged homes with no real care or love, which frighten us all due to the terrible news reports due to neglect and lack of staff.
      I am 70,still maintain a 6 acre garden, play sports, snow ski and live a very normal life.The thought of going into a aged home if I had an accident makes me feel ill.
      Thanks Kerri Ann, do it for all of us and our our children’s future

    6. Kerri-Ann I totally agree my wife passed away after a stroke and she was 68 years old and no NDIS was available to her I was totally shocked by the governments mean minded cut off age because people over 65 are left out of the best available care, it should be changed as older people have paid their dues over the years and when they need help its not there for them.

    7. I am an independent support coordinator with. 4 years experience with the NDIS. The 65 age limit for accessing the NDIS is discriminatory given that a person aged 64 and 364 days when granted access can then be on the NDIS until they die. Someone aged 65 and 1 day must rely on My Aged Care.
      Several issues are important here
      1. why 65 years. There is no longer a defined retirement age snd it is no longer the age at which one becomes eligible for the aged pension.
      2. The My Aged Care system is broken with long waiting lists and supports significantly lower than on the NDIS.
      3. A disability is a disability – it doesn’t matter whether it was from birth, as a result of an accident or illness or acquired later in life as a degenerative condition. Age is not a disability and should not be used to define a program of support.
      4. The premise of the NDIS is to enable people with disability person centred support to live an ordinary life. I would suggest that My Aged Care is to provide minimum support to frail aged to keep them out of nursing homes to reduce the cost of caring for people in residential aged care.
      5. As women live longer and with less money the access age of 65 for the NDIS disproportionately affects women and therefore is an issue of gender discrimination too.

    8. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. My 87 year old disabled and blind sister has no access to these funds. Almost every week I read a story in the papers about how NDIS staff have ripped off the system.

      My sister fought very hard to be able to walk, communicate, use a computer, all of those capabilities are being taken away from her as she ages. The older the disabled become the more funds they require. Shame, Shame, Shame!!!


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