Jill Biden Moves To Block Her Husband From Protesters During Super Tuesday Rally

When protesters charged the stage at a Joe Biden event in Los Angeles, his wife Jill Biden and spokeswoman Symone Sanders ought them off.

The anti-dairy protesters, who have been at other events this primary, were holding signs that said “let dairy die.”

Jill Biden blocked one with her body, while Sanders jumped on stage and dragged another away.

Biden does not yet have Secret Service protection. The protection is offered to leading candidates based on risk. They usually have it be the summer.

On Super Tuesday, Biden won across the Deep South, showing his appeal with black voters at the heart of the party, and claimed victory in Minnesota, a predominantly white Rust Belt state in Trump’s cross-hairs this November.

He won the rich, highly educated suburbanites in Virginia and North Carolina who waffled for months over which candidate to support. He also scored an upset in Massachusetts, the home state of one rival and in the backyard of another.

And late in the night, Biden laid claim to another upset, this time in Texas — the second-biggest delegate trove — and remained ahead in Maine, states that seemed hopelessly out of reach just days ago.

In politics, you have to win to win. And in the crucial Super Tuesday primaries in 14 U.S. states, Biden did just that, and Democratic voters singularly obsessed with defeating Trump finally began coalescing around their candidate.

There’s still a long road ahead for the former vice president. His chief rival, Bernie Sanders, won California — the biggest prize of the entire nominating race — where a runaway victory could give the Vermont senator enough delegates to blunt Biden’s gains on Tuesday. And the former vice president’s turnaround was made all the more remarkable because of his plunge from front-runner status, bruised and battered by a meandering campaign, lackluster fundraising and trademark gaffes.

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