It’s ‘now imperative’ the Australian government bring troops home from Afghanistan

Sky News Australia published this video item, entitled “It’s ‘now imperative’ the Australian government bring troops home from Afghanistan” – below is their description.

Sky News contributor Catherine McGregor says it is “now imperative” the Australia government end the country’s “long, costly involvement” in the war in Afghanistan. “Afghanistan has been our longest war. We deployed in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. That was both morally justified and strategically prudent,” Ms McGregor said. “This week we learned of what a moral and psychological toll this endless operation has taken on some of our best troops. “The allegations, and I point out they are allegations, of war crimes are matters for the due process of law. But the complete absence of any coherent strategy for nearly two decades rests squarely with our elected leaders- Coalition and Labor alike. “There is no justification for sustaining this commitment to a nation that has already largely fallen back into the hands of the Taliban and whose corrupt government is utterly lacking credibility. “Not another dollar of Australian tax-payers money should be wasted on this failing state. Nor should another Australian soldier die for a cause most Afghanis do not even believe in. “Let them sort out their own mess. If they want to live under a medieval form of theocracy that is their business. “Spend the money on supporting our veterans and the families irrevocably harmed by fighting a war without clear aims, or an end state. “A war without end at all. We risk being left behind as President Trump has already brings the last American troops home before Christmas. Bring our troops home. Now.”

Sky News Australia YouTube Channel

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