“Issac” Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Sarah Copland (ESCWA Centre for Women) – Awake at Night

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  • United Nations published this video item, entitled “”Issac” Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Sarah Copland (ESCWA Centre for Women) – Awake at Night” – below is their description.

    “Five months after losing my son in the BeirutBlast I have decided to start writing about my experiences of grief and trauma. I can’t promise it will be eloquent, or even make sense, and it certainly won’t be pretty. But I hope this process is cathartic for me.”

    On August 4th 2020, as Sarah Copland was working and preparing for the arrival of her second child, Ethan, she and her family were tragically caught in the vast explosion that caused devastation across Beirut. Isaac, Sarah’s first born son, was killed.

    In this episode of Awake at Night, Sarah Copland, UN Officer working on women’s rights and gender equality at ESCWA’s Centre for Women speaks with Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, about the harrowing experience she and her family went through, and about what she is doing to try and cope.

    Screen-shot photo credit: ©Sarah Copland

    United Nations YouTube Channel

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