Isis video: Is this the mother of ‘jihadi junior’?

Is this the mother of the ISIS child soldier? And is the toddler in the background of this footage the so-called ‘Jihadi Junior’?

A child in an IS video has a striking resemblance to a British woman in Syria’s son – featured in footage obtained by Channel 4 News and first broadcast in 2013.

An ISIS video released this weekend purports to show the execution of five people that I.S. militants claim are “British spies”.

At the end of the film that is currently being scrutinized by British security services, a young child speaking in English threatens “the unbelievers”.

The child is being widely reported to bear a striking resemblance to the son of British woman Grace ‘Khadijah’ Dare, it is being reported. She is originally from Lewisham in London and in the footage refers to herself as ‘Maryam’.

It’s not possible to immediately verify whether the two children are the same person, but they appear bear a striking physical resemblance, and they would now be roughly the same age, it is being reported.

Ms Dare, and her husband Abu Bakr, were featured in footage exclusively obtained by Channel 4 News in 2013 from the film-maker Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American Muslim convert who’s living among western jihadi fighters and their families inside Syria, documenting their lives.

In the footage from Idlib province, Ms Dare shoots a Kalashnikov for the camera, and then fires off a revolver.

In the footage she says that she would like to fight, to become what she calls a martyr.

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