Is Venezuela on the verge of anarchy?

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In Venezuela, anti-government protests continue, with opponents of Socialist President Nicolas Maduro saying they have no intention of backing down. Amid violent demonstrations, the death toll in the South American nation has topped 50. The government, meanwhile, accuses the United States of being behind the uprising and meddling in its domestic affairs. So is Venezuela on the verge of anarchy? Sarai Suarez, a Venezuelan journalist, tells us more about the situation on the ground.
Plus, since the devastating 2010 earthquake that hit Haiti, nearly 59,000 Haitians have benefited from temporary protected status in the United States. President Donald Trump has agreed to extend the protection for six months, but his administration warns it will be the last time.
Finally, we look at a craze that’s been sweeping the US. Fidget spinners were originally created to help children with autism and attention defecit disorder to concentrate in class. But now the small plastic contraptions are pretty much everywhere, and not everyone’s pleased. 

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