Inside Story – US election: Holding a majority in Congress matters

It’s been long, hard-fought and at times – downright nasty election, but this Tuesday, Americans will finally have their say on their next president.

Whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton who wins the White House, how effectively they can do their job, will depend a great deal on who has a majority in Congress.

At the moment the Senate has 44 Democrats, 54 Republicans and two Independents, while the House of Representatives has 188 Democrats and 247 Republicans.

But that could change on election day, and whatever the result, control of America’s legislative body will be essential.

So, how will a Trump or Clinton win affect the US Congress and the country’s ability to get things done?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


James D. Boys – US political commentator, historian and author of ‘Hillary Rising.’

James Warren – Political columnist for US News & World Report and former managing editor and Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Tribune.

Jeanne Zaino – Political scientist and professor of political science and international studies at Iona College.

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