‘I hope someone kills your whole f***ing family!’ | Disabled BLM protester berates police

Shocking eyewitness footage captured during this past weekend’s unrest in Portland shows a Black Lives Matter protester, who claimed to be disabled, wishing death on police officers and their families.

As police were clearing the streets of Portland amid ongoing Black Lives Matter protests Saturday, one man was hospitalized with a fractured skull, caused by non-lethal munitions fired to disperse crowds on the 45th consecutive day of protests. Donavan La Bella, 26, underwent emergency surgery Sunday to treat his head wounds, sustained outside the city’s Justice Center.

Elsewhere in the city, another protester claimed she was disabled and therefore unable to comply with police orders to walk faster. In shocking eyewitness footage from the incident, after being pushed by one officer, the woman can be heard saying, “I hope someone kills your whole f***ing family!” and “I hope they kill you too.”

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