Hopes over ‘promising’ Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial

IN THE PAPERS – Tuesday, July 21: The French paper Libération speaks to an exiled Uighur who details the brutal persecution campaign led by Chinese authorities, including confirmation of forced sterilisation. Also, the British press is extremely hopeful over a promising Oxford research team’s vaccine trial. Plus, find out why Zoom meetings have led to a rise in casual workwear and… a spike in demand for cosmetic surgery!

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In This: Uighur People

The Uyghurs, alternately Uygurs, Uighurs or Uigurs, are a Turkic-speaking minority ethnic group originating from and culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia. The Uyghurs are recognized as native to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. (Source Wikipedia).

News related to Uighur people from a variety of outlets, is collated below.

Uighurs - Latest

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  • EU leaders to hold trade talks with China despite rifts over human rights
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