Hezbollah member guilty in ex-Lebanese PM Hariri’s assassination, tribunal finds

A U.N.-backed tribunal on Tuesday convicted one member of the Hezbollah militant group Salim Jamil Ayyash of involvement in a 2005 bombing that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, an assassination that set the stage for years of confrontation between Lebanon’s rival political forces.

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon said Salim Ayyash was guilty as a co-conspirator of five charges linked to his involvement in the suicide truck bombing. Prosecutors also established that Ayyash had affiliation with Hezbollah, the tribunal found in its 2,600-page ruling.

Saad Hariri, son of Rafik Hariri and former Lebanese prime minister, said on Tuesday the verdict over the assassination of his father was ‘satisfying’, but told reporters that ‘everybody’s expectation was much higher.’

There was insufficient evidence against three other men charged as accomplices in the bombing and they were acquitted, the tribunal found.

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