Govt failed to protect Brexit vote from possible Russian interference, report finds | Watch in full

The Government failed to protect the 2016 Brexit vote from potential Russian interference, the long-awaited Intelligence and Security Committee report has said.

The committee said that it had not seen any evidence to suggest Russia had successfully meddled in the 2016 vote.

However Downing Street “belatedly realised the level of threat” posed by Russia, only realising after thousands of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails that had been stolen were leaked a month after the EU referendum took place.

The findings of the 50-page report, which followed an 18-month parliamentary inquiry, will pile pressure on Boris Johnson to take a tougher line with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president – read more about the report here:

It is also likely to lead to fresh calls in Westminster for there not to be a second Scottish independence referendum.

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