Gender equality: The best-ranked parliaments

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    Women’s rights may be advancing in many sectors…but they remain sorely under-represented in parliaments around the world.
    Only 2 countries boast at least 50% female MPs: Rwanda and Bolivia – nations not traditionally known as champions of equality.
    A threshold of 30% female lawmakers can only be claimed by a QUARTER of governments around the world – that’s 47 national parliaments, plus the European Parliament, where 36% of the seats are held by women.
    With only 26% of female MPs, France lags behind – ranked 58th in the world, behind Sudan, Senegal, and Tanzania.
    The global average is even lower – women count for just 22% (22.6%??) of parliamentarians around the world.
    Some countries have an even greater gender imbalance in 2016 – with 100% masculine parliaments in several Pacific islands, like Micronesia, Vanuatu, Palau, and Tongo as well as Middle Eastern countries like Yemen and Qatar.
    The percentage of women in parliament may not be a decisive indicator of democracy – but the United Nations uses the figures to assess how well women have been integrated into political life. (POLITICAL INTEGRATION)
    Gender inequality is even more marked in the highest ranks – like government cabinets. Only 30 countries have cabinets made up of at least 30% female ministers – while just 16 states are run by women.

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