Exclusive: MI5 spies speak for first time about their covert work | ITV News

What is it really like to be a spy?

For the first time on camera, spies working for MI5 have spoken to ITV News and ITV’s Tonight programme to reveal the reality of the secret work they do to keep the UK safe.

Over three months, ITV News Security Editor Rohit Kachroo was given unprecedented access to MI5 to get an insight into the workings of one of the world’s oldest and most-renowned spy agencies.

For an edition of ITV’s Tonight programme to be broadcast on Thursday, we filmed with MI5 as London experienced the terror attack at London Bridge, at a time when the agency’s secretive operations were once again being scrutinised following a series of attacks in 2017, some of which were carried out by people who had been known to MI5.

Rohit spoke to surveillance officers and investigators about their jobs, the moral dilemmas they face, and the impact it has on their personal lives.

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