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Reform, defund, or dismantle? The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police last month is raising big questions about how to improve law enforcement in the United States.

Public support for police reform has been growing in recent years, but meaningful change has proved elusive – and what that change would look like remains up for debate.

Amid nationwide protests, many top officials agree that at the very least, police accountability and oversight must increase. But some community leaders are pushing for more drastic changes, including reducing police budgets and redefining the role of law enforcement.

In Floyd’s Minneapolis for example, the City Council has voted to disband the police department in favor of a more community-oriented agency “that actually keeps us safe,” President Lisa Bender said this week.

However, critics argue that defunding law enforcement could lead to more crime, not less. In this episode we ask, what should be done about America’s policing problem?

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