Coronavirus outbreak in the USA: What are the country’s measures in response to the pandemic?

residents on balcony: “Shut the parks, go home” “Shut the park, go homeAs the number of covid 19 cases rises across the United States, so are individual pleas and official orders for people to stay at home… Here Brooklyn residents took to their balconies to implore passersby to avoid public spaces in order to “flatten the curve” .. a reference to decreasing the number of coronavirus cases over time through confinement measures. In response a growing number of local officials across the country have imposed sweeping restrictions… Los Angeles and New York were among the nation’s biggest cities to close schools, bars and restaurants.SOT NEW YORK CITY MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO: “For everyone who is wondering why this has been such a difficult decision, it’s because I know the full cost of shutting our schools. I know all of the negative ramifications of this decision and it’s very painful. It’s going to be very difficult for a lot of families.” In total, 29 US states have announced school closures in the wake of the outbreak… AND the Centers for Disease Control have recommended cancelling or postponing events involving more than 50 people for the next eight weeks. The growing restrictions are hard to stomach for employees and owners of small businesses… Including here in Ohio, where this restaurant will close for one month. SOT CHOCOLATE BAR GENERAL MANAGER, SHAWN FREEMAN: “restaurant people aren’t as prepared and they can’t work from home. And, so, there are gonna be thousands and thousands of people across the state of Ohio who, you know, have nothing tomorrow, who are unemployed in 10 minutes. So, it’s gonna be tough.”The new measures come after images of crowded airports across the United States led to growing concerns the spread of the virus was not being taken seriously enough…Thousands of travelers returning from abroad ahead of the Trump Administration’s travel ban faced hours-long lines in close quarters at major airports in several cities including Dallas, Chicago and New York.

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