Coronavirus: How do we protect our mental health?

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the entire world into a state of uncertainty that is taking a toll on people with existing mental health conditions. And as millions face sickness, isolation, financial hardship and information overload it is likely to trigger a whole new set of conditions.

One group particularly at risk during this time are people with anxiety disorders, which approximately 264 million people around the world suffer from. Another highly vulnerable group are those that suffer from depressive disorders. As we are forced into social distancing, feelings of isolation can have a fatal fallout.

As WHO and health authorities across the globe act to contain the outbreak, advice on safeguarding mental health, has been developed by the UN health agency’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Use. This includes coronavirus updates from reliable sources only, taking time to exercise, spending time outside and staying connected to family and friends via social media.

In this episode we’ll speak to experts about the impact of coronavirus on our collective mental health. Send your questions for our panel.

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