Coronavirus: Almost 800 more dead in Italy – BBC News

Coronavirus: Almost 800 more dead in Italy in 24hrs

BBC News reports on the ongoing disaster in Italy, where nearly 800 people died of Covid-19 in just 24 hours, the largest number in a single day since the outbreak began.

With more confirmed cases in a day than before, this crisis is showing no signs of abating, despite the country being locked down for more than one week.

Deaths continue to spiral in Italy. Official figures show 793 have died of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours – another daily record.

In total 4,825 people have now died across the country.

More than 53,500 have been diagnosed with the virus nationally, up more than 6,500 since yesterday.

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The rest of the world, particularly neighbours in Europe, is looking towards Italy, which has been the first country to exceed China for novel coronavirus deaths.

The chilling pattern displayed in Italy may be expected to be repeated in other countries where the virus – for which nobody is immune and there is no vaccine – is circulating.

Italy began it’s lockdown over a week ago, and yet the number of cases and deaths continues to grow on a daily basis.

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Covid-19 is the official WHO name given to the novel coronavirus which broke out in late 2019 and began to spread in the early months of 2020.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a persistent new cough (non productive, dry)
  • a high temperature (e.g. head feels warm to the touch)
  • shortness of breath (if this is abnormal for the individual, or increased)

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    Italy is a republic in central Europe which forms a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea as well as bordering France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily form part of the main territory of Italy. Italy is part of the Eurozone, having entered the common currency on 1st January 1999.

    The capital, Rome, is home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins. Other major cities include Florence, with Renaissance masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s “David” and Brunelleschi’s Duomo; Venice, the city of canals; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital.

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