Confederate Obelisk Monument Removed from Georgia Square

A Confederate monument has been removed by crane from a town square near Atlanta amid cheers from the watching crowd.

As midnight approached on the eve of Juneteenth, the obelisk glorifying the Lost Cause was laid on its side and slid to a waiting truck in Decatur, Georgia.

The figure had been a flashpoint for protests in the city after the police killing of George Floyd, and was often vandalized and marked by graffiti.

A Georgia judge had ordered its removal just hours before Rayshard Brooks was killed by a white Atlanta police officer, renewing protests in the Georgia capital region.

The stone obelisk was lifted from its base with straps amid jeers and chants of “Just drop it!” from onlookers in Decatur, Georgia, who were kept a safe distance by sheriff’s deputies.

Mawuli Davis, a driving force behind the lobbying effort to remove the monument, watched with others Thursday night.

Davis’ organization, the Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights, held a demonstration in front of the monument just a day earlier, pleading for its removal.

“This feels great. This is a people’s victory. All of our young people from Decatur High School that made this happen. All of these organizers, everybody came together,” Davis told The Associated Press. “This is it. This is a victory for this country. This is an example of what can happen when people work together.”

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