Chopper’s Politics Podcast: To mask or not to mask? With Desmond Swayne, Liam Fox and Giles Watling

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To mask or not to mask? Tory MP Desmond Swayne sits firmly in the latter camp. He joins Christopher Hope to discuss why he believes mandatory face covering in shops is a “monstrous imposition”, and a measure not “guided by the science” at all. Plus, he tells us why the reaction to a historic photo of him in blackface is overblown…

Plus former Trade Secretary Liam Fox on why critics are wrong to say that being a Brexiteer could halt his bid to become the head of the World Trade Organisation. And Tory MP and member of the DCMS select committee, Giles Watling on the BBC’s decision to strip the licence fee from two million over-75s, and why he’s hopeful theatres can weather the coronavirus storm.

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