Chopper’s Politics podcast: Red lines and red walls

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Theresa May’s former Brexit adviser, Raoul Ruparel and The Telegraph’s Europe Editor, Peter Foster give Christopher Hope the inside line on next week’s Brexit trade talks. With two competing visions for the UK’s future relationship with Europe, which side will triumph?

Plus, Chopper invites two Tory MPs back to the Red Lion pub to find out how they’re getting on after ten weeks in office. Richard Holden and Joy Morrissey reveal the reality of life in the Commons, which party is the most hostile and how the party will hold the Red Wall now that Brexit has happened.

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Brexit is the name given to the United Kingdom’s exiting the European Union, which happened on 31 January 2020, following a narrow “Leave” referendum result in a June 2016 vote on EU Membership which took place in the country. News items related to Brexit are posted, below, chronologically, with the most recent items at the top, from a variety of outlets.

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