Brexit: PM May ‘to confirm Britain’s exit from EU single market’

Brexit means Brexit…and this Tuesday the British PM may reveal just what that sentence means. Theresa Mayi will set out her 12 priorities for divorce talks with the EU in March to an audience of foreign diplomats and her own Brexit negotiation team.Just hours ahead of the highly-anticipated announcement, extracts of her speech have already made the rounds.May is also expected to rule out being a “partial” member of the bloc, and insist the UK will not be “half in, half out”…indicating that Britain may sacrifice its access to the single market for full control of its borders… in other words, a hard Brexit. Her words fly in the face of European leaders, who have for months said it would cut Britain off from its 450 million consumers if no compromise could be reached on free movement.◄br /► COLOGNE SOT Merkel And that is why, in spite of our great friendship, full access to the EU market can only be allowed if the four freedoms are upheld: freedom of movement for people, goods, services and financial products. Six months after Britons decided to leave the European Union, Prime Minister May has come under fire for her lack of clarity ahead of formal negotiations in March. The outcome of those talks will impact the lives of some 3 million EU citizens who call the UK home, and more than 1 million Britons living on the continent.

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