Boko Haram launches new spate of attacks

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In this edition: Boko Haram’s latest offensive, the French army in Mali, and South Africa’s space project.
After months of the defensive, Boko Haram fights back. The islamist extremists attacked mourners at a funeral near Gulak, in the north east of Nigeria. And on Thursday, militants attacked the village of Nguagam in Niger, close to the frontier with Nigeria, during a visit by government ministers. The violence has once again forced thousands to flee for their lives, many to refugee camps in the Diffa region.
Meanwhile, aid agencies are warning that millions of people have been displaced from the Sahel region by instability and poverty. One key actor of the Sahel crisis are islamist insurgents, especially in Northern Mali. They prompted the French intervention there in 2013 – and while the forces of Operation Barkhane have succeeded in driving militants from key towns, they haven’t been able to rout them from their desert hideouts.
And learning that the sky is NOT the limit in South Africa, 150 school girls have been coached on electronics in a lesson that could see their efforts go into orbit. The course run by MEDO Space, which hopes to put Africa’s first privately owned satellite into space later this year. And to add to the motivation, parts of the satellite’s payload will be designed by the schoolgirls.

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