Bill Morneau resigns as Canada’s finance minister, MP | FULL

Bill Morneau on Monday announced that he had resigned as Canada’s finance minister and MP for Toronto Centre following his meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He also said he plans to put his name forward for Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and that Trudeau had given his full support.

Asked if the WE scandal made him no longer the appropriate person for the job, Morneau said he wished in hindsight they had “done things differently” with the WE Charity and that he should have recused himself from the decision. Asked if he let down the government by not disclosing travel with WE, he said he had disclosed all travel but “unfortunately” did not get a bill for some of the travel and found out three years later, but has apologized for that.

He also said that he’s always “been thinking about how I can best serve” and that “at this stage” they’re going to need, for a long period of time, a government focused on the recovery. He said it was the “appropriate” time to resign. Morneau said it is up to the prime minister to select the next person for the role and he will support Trudeau in the transition.

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