Belgium, at ease at the heart of the EU?

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Belgium, with its 11 million inhabitants, is a founding member of the EU. During these times of insularity, the country has become a focal point for the European project. Brussels hosts the European Parliament and Commission – how does this affect the everyday lives of Belgians? How do European diplomats and Brussels locals coexist? We went to find out.
We embark on a guided tour of Belgium, a small and prosperous territory, in the company of locals and lawmakers. Belgian MEP Hilde Vautmans (ADLE) shows us around Brussels’s downtown district as well as her home region of Sint-Truiden.
Accompanied by Bart Staes, MEP for the Greens, we also discover an organic dairy farm in the town of Gooik.
A show presented by Luke Brown
Camera: Stephane Bodenne and Johan Bodin
Video Editing: Joël Procope
Sound: Colin Idier

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