7-Eleven Expands Plant-Based Range Across 700 Stores in Hong Kong and Macau

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  • Bloomberg Quicktake: Now published this video item, entitled “7-Eleven Expands Plant-Based Range Across 700 Stores in Hong Kong and Macau” – below is their description.

    7-Eleven is now selling a range of plant-based ready meals and dim sum in 700 stores in Hong Kong and Macau, teaming up with social enterprise Green Monday. And customers will also be able to pick up plant-based snacks and drinks in 150 stores.

    Managing Director of 7-Eleven Hong Kong and Macau Alex Liu says customers are driving demand.

    “We actually received a lot of customer feedback they are looking for this kind of product, but it’s hard to find it, especially when they want to find some food during the nighttime. That’s why we tried to find this, to develop this area. That’s the reason behind. So that they can shop anywhere and anytime.”

    Green Monday CEO David Yeung calls the collaboration a “milestone.”

    “If we want to make an impact in the world, we have to have everyone becoming a changemaker. You know, not just a certain group of people. Not just a certain demographic. But simply everyone. So, you know, our goal from day one is how to create food that is, you know, that caters to the local palates. And we can work with the channel partners that can bring these products to everyone. So, this particular collaboration is simply a huge milestone to make that happen and really create a best practice for all different partners and stakeholders in the region and globally.”

    Two of the new ready meals are available exclusively at 7-Eleven – and it’s not just the taste that’s new.

    “We are very excited the two new ready meals that just launched exclusively in 7-Eleven, we have just evolved in terms of our eco-packaging. They are completely compostable and biodegradable. And the key to make that happen is scale. Without the scale with our partnership with 7-Eleven, we would not be able to achieve the cost that would be reasonable for us and more importantly to the end consumers. So really, we’re talking about green all around in terms of ingredients, in terms of packaging and now making it super accessible to everyone.”

    The global plant-based protein market is now estimated to be worth $10.3 billion. That’s according to a new MarketsandMarkets report. And it’s expected to reach $15.6 billion within the next 5 years.

    Yeung says that plant-based is without a doubt the future of food.

    “I think this is the absolute global trend. Anywhere in the world now I mean, plant based is really entering mainstream in a huge way. And we are, of course, pushing that frontier here in Asia. Now, this is a big milestone because we’re talking about really getting to different local communities, not just commercial district, not just in restaurants or fine-dining places. But we’re talking about super common for all, you know, just all walks of life.”

    “Personally, I’m just so touched to see this happen. And I do believe that this will really become a catalyst to accelerate the movement in Hong Kong and across Asia,” he adds.

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