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New Year’s Eve at the O2 in London: Proud @ Matters

The inaugural superclub night for Proud @ Matters was a great success with top-notch music from DJ Yoda and an endless stream of entertainment from colourful circus performers.

The ability to get served at the bar in under 30 minutes on New Year’s Eve in central London went a long way to making the night a great one for partygoers celebrating the start of 2011.

Dress-up efforts were roughly 30% in favour of the burlesque dress code policy and around 70% sticking to usual clubwear. It appeared that the guys made more of an effort with a large number embracing the braces-and-trilby combo. Some ladies did make a show in corsets and feather headresses.

Heavy-handed security measures at the entrance to the O2 did make a number of visitors late for midnight and there was something of a raucous in a queue for one of the restaurant. However, the police were pleasant and polite. The metal detectors did not appear to cause any major problems for customers.

Take a look at the photos of the performers and partygoers at Matters:

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