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New Series of Monroe Begins 1st October 2012 on ITV

Neil Pearson plays Alistair Gillespie in the new series of Monroe

The second series of Monroe kicks off a drama-packed autumnal season for ITV. Northern Irish star, James Nesbitt, steals the show as a cranky neurosurgeon with nerves of steel and a penchant for red wine.

In series two, Lawrence Shepherd (played by Tom Riley) takes a more central role as the attractive anaesthetist. Meanwhile, his ice-queen new partner in life, Jenny Bremner (Sarah Parish) is struggling with motherhood, the return to work as a cardio surgeon and the new-found relationship with the father of her unplanned child.

There’s plenty of competition both inside the workplace and outside of it. More classic one-liners can be expected from the feisty nurses as well as the sardonic registrar played by Andrew Mullery (Andrew Gower, formerly a scheming vampire in Being Human).

Neil Pearson (Bridget Jones’ Diary) joins the medical team as Head of Clinical Services, Alistair Gillespie, a general surgeon who referees the ambitions and backstabbing of the Leeds-based hospital.

Neil said of working with James Nesbitt:

“Jimmy guest starred in an episode of Between the Lines many years ago, and we’ve bumped into each other occasionally since then. I’m delighted to be working with him again. He’s a fine, fine actor, a great company leader, and a superb anchor to the series. We’ve also all made a fair bit of money on his horse, which has made him even more popular.”


James Nesbitt as Monroe
Sarah Parish as Jenny Bremner
Tom Riley as Lawrence Shepherd
Neil Pearson as Alistair Gillespie
Susan Lynch as Anna Monroe
Lisa Millet as Jill McHeath
Thomas Morrison as Lee Bradley
Tracy-Ann Oberman as Lizzie Clapham
Luke Allen-Gale as Daniel Springer
Michelle Asante as Kitty Wilson
Christina Chong as Sarah Witney
Andrew Gower as Andrew Mullery
Perry Millward as Nick Monroe


Executive Producers: Michele Buck, Damien Timmer, Rebecca Keane
Writer, Creator & Executive Producer: Peter Bowker
Writer episode 4: Lucy Gannon
Producer: David Moore

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