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Nepal: Peacekeepers to Stay Until 15th May 2010

On 21st January the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1909 supporting the Nepalese government’s request to extend the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Nepal until 15th May 2010. The Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal Ms. Karin Landgren said:

The Security Council is strongly supportive of Nepal’s peace process and wishes to see it succeed. The Council has called for all parties to move forward swiftly in implementing the agreements reached. During the remaining mandate period, the Government and parties are expected to focus on creating the conditions under which UNMIN’s functions are no longer needed.

Representative of the Secretary-General Ms. Karin Landgren addressing press conference in Kathmandu. 22 January 2010. UNMIN Photo by Rajesh Ghimire

Ten years of insurgency by Maoist rebels in Nepal ended with a peace accord and democratic process in 2006. An election in April 2008 created a federal democratic republic which abolished the monarchy. In July 2008 the President was elected. In August 2008 the Maoists formed a coalition government.

In May 2009 the government resigned after the president overruled a cabinet decision to fire the chief of the army staff. UNMIN monitors the military activities and arms management of both sides in order to maintain order and peace.

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  1. I question why UNMIN Chief Ms. Karin Landgren and her staff are going to exercise in futility in the Nepalese crisis? The main cause of the crisis in Nepal are the culprit party leaders-Congress, UML, Maoists including UNMIN. Because Nepalese people had expected that the UN’s role would be impartial. But the UNMIN could not remain neutral. UNMIN has been listening only to the Maoist rebels and the corrupt leaders of the so-called big party and totally disregarded the aspiration of majority of the Nepalese people. Earlier, UNMIN numbered only 8,000- Maoist army, but later, the UNMIN and the Maoists worked together to present their number at 3200 and after 19,600. UNMIN served the Maoists activities.
    Two years ago- UNMIN’s military chief Jan Erik Wilhelson damaged the neutral role of the UN and propping up the rebel forces. So, if UN want peace and establishment in Nepal The country has been facing a series of problems due to the mistake of abolishing the royal institution. There are some nationalists within Congress, UML and Maoists. None of nationalists either of parties or outsiders can remain silent. Now let’s be strong and committed from every corner for the country’s existence against the traitors. But, without monarchy we can’t hope the Nepalese sovereignty, stability, democracy and peace.
    Thank you.

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