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NATO Takes Out Further Targets in Tripoli and Brega

NATO have reported taking out further targets in Libya including thirteen bunkers, one tank and one Amoured Personnel Carrier around Tripoli as well as three Multiple Rocket Launchers near Brega.

Two humanitarian aircraft missions have been allowed through the no-fly zone. Over in the Mediterranean, eighteen ships were hailed on 12th April by naval forces to determine their destination and cargo. Three boardings were reportedly conducted.

ITS ETNA, both Command Ship and Logistic Support Ship of the Naval Group implementing UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 Weapons Embargo Operations in the maritime approaches to Libya has carried out 50 replenishments at sea (RAS) since the beginning of her deployment as the Flagship of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) 3 months ago.

More than half of these replenishments have been carried out during the last month in the framework of Operation Unified Protector delivering fuel to Allied warships from eight nations. In regular operations ETNA would expect to carry out this number of RAS in a two-year period.

Captain Massimo Pitarra Commanding Officer of ETNA explained:

“The operational tempo is very high and the warships are covering significant areas of sea. Having the logistic support at sea helps keep the ships constantly on station. In the case of ETNA we are also the Command Ship so we have a huge responsibility in ensuring that this Arms Embargo is watertight.”

On Thursday 14th April 2011, NATO Foreign Ministers met for a working lunch to discuss Operation Unified Protector and underline their commitment to achieving the objectives of the UN mandate. They also welcomed the first meeting of the Contact Group which took place yesterday in Doha:

“We commend its role in providing wider political guidance for international efforts in Libya, recognizing that the political direction of the military mission is executed by the North Atlantic Council, with the indispensable involvement of its OUP partners.”

Ban Ki Moon, The UN Secretary General and Amr Moussa, will meet on Friday 15th April 2011 to discuss the situation in Libya, including the fate of around 490,000 people who have fled the country since rebels started fighting Colonel Gaddafi’s regime.

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