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National Forces Alliance Wins Majority in Libyan Elections

Outgoing Prime Minister, Abdul Rahim Cape, casting his vote in the election.

The National Forces Alliance has won 39 out of 80 seats for political parties in the Libyan elections and the Muslim Brotherhood has won 17. The result means that Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril is now leader of the largest bloc vote in the parliament with another 120 individuals unaffiliated to political parties.

The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, welcomed the results and offered the assistance of NATO to build new security capabilities:

“I congratulate the Libyan people on the announcement of the results of the first election held accross the country in almost half a century. This election marks an impressive step forward in Libya’s transition to democracy, after over forty years of dictatorship. I pay tribute to all the candidates and political parties who have contributed to the success of this first free and democratic vote, and to the almost 2 million men and women who exercised their hard-won right to vote.

“NATO is proud of the role that we played, together with out partners, in protecting the Libyan people under the mandate of the United Nations Security Council. We look forward to working with Libya’s new leaders, including the elected National Congress. NATO stands ready to assist, if requested, in building the modern security and defence institutions that the new Libya needs.”

Leaders at home and abroad will be anxious to restart the oil economy in the beleaguered country, a platform Jibril successfully campaigned on. It will still take many weeks to gather a picture of the new parliament as factions and alliances are sought among the 120 unaffiliated members.


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