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NASA Publishes Video of Hurricane Irene from Space

NASA has published a video shot from the International Space Station of the huge storm, Hurricane Irene, as it approaches New York. Hurricane Irene will become the first hurricane in three years to make landfall in the United States and is currently a category two storm on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale.

The crew watching the progress of the storm aboard the ISS have been making adjustments to their mission following the failed launch of a resupply craft. The rocket, launched from Kazakhstan on Wednesday 24th August, experienced a problem during the third stage of its sequence and automatically shut down the engine, landing in the the Altai Region of Russia. It is the first time that a supply vehicle has failed to reach the ISS, though the ISS crew are reported to have plenty of supplies on board to maintain them.

The Russian Space Agency has launched 745 Soyuz-U launch vehicles to date. There have been 21 launch failures and 724 successes. A commission has been set up by the agency to find the cause of the failure and weigh any potential impact upon future missions.

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